Coming from a competitive track and field background, Corilynn’s fitness routine was primarily fast paced, filled with intense cardio workouts.  She excelled in sprinting events at the National level in high school and continued on to the Collegiate level at UMass-Lowell.  After college, she began running distance and has completed two Marathons including Boston in 2017.  Corilynn took up yoga originally as an “active rest day,” to balance her training program and improve flexibility. Her excessive running caused her to develop an overuse injury.  During recovery, she started practicing yoga 2-3 times a week. By stretching and strengthening the muscles that were tight and overused, yoga helped to overcome her injury.  Her yoga practice was heightened after she found a yoga studio that helped her to make the mind & body connection, as she focused more on the breathing component. This helped Corilynn to step away from her competitive nature and listen to her body.   From there she went on to complete her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training. Corilynn’s classes are designed to be moderately challenging with an intention for students to leave class feeling relaxed, clear minded, stretched, and strong.