Jane was born and raised in the Hudson Valley area of New York. A career promotion relocated her to the North Shore. She completed graduate school at night in Boston, later married, and even adopted the Boston sports teams as her own! For years Jane has enjoyed running as an outlet to help manage her stress and energy levels. While this provided temporary improvement, she needed something more to recharge her and restore her sense of focus. Coincidentally, an auto mishap stranded Jane in front of a yoga studio, and the "light bulb" went off. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it’s been over ten years now! Jane has watched her practice gradually grow to become the integral part of her life that it is today. Over time, her body, mind and soul have become more connected. She is able to find those moments of peace everyone needs to stay centered. Jane completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Tricia Philpott in May 2016. This training was the next big step in deepening her practice. It has expanded her interests in many directions, offering new paths for growth. In her classes, Jane hopes to help free students from their expectations, and through mindfulness and levity, guide them towards finding their true potential on and off the mat.