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Yoga is for everyone!    I had spinal surgery at a young age and a steel rod was fused along my spine.  According to the doctors, I would have limitations.  I loved all forms of exercises and could do most; however, due to my supposed limitations, yoga looked beyond my reach.  Over 10 years ago, within a private yoga studio, a friend introduced me to yoga.  I found with modifications, I could do most poses.  In 2013, I took the teacher training at A Yoga Practice and learned that yoga was not just another form of exercise.  It brought balance to my life; physically, mentally and spiritually.  It is about being in the present; accepting and acknowledging where you are right now, both on your mat and in life.  It is Asana (poses), Pranayama (Breathe), and so much more.  Arrive on your mat and discover for yourself all that a yoga practice has to offer.