A Yoga Practice is so excited to be offering private yoga instruction at the studio! Studio owner Linda will design private sessions to match your level of experience, your pace, and the issues you wish to address into a highly customized practice tailored to your needs. Private yoga instruction is a great way to deepen your practice, address your personal fitness and wellness goals and to work specifically on areas of interest to you. Whether you’re a beginner, a more experienced yoga student, an athlete in need of stretching, or you sit at a desk all day, Linda will work with you to create a practice suitable for where you are now. 

Private instruction may be right for you if you are looking to:

  • take time to work on a specific pose or sequences of poses

  • treat a friend or family member to a special experience

  • help your body to gently recover from an injury

  • gain confidence before coming to a group class as a new student

  • receive individualized instruction for deep stretching, relaxation and stress relief

  • schedule yoga classes that fit into your own lifestyle, as sometimes it can be challenging to make it to regularly scheduled classes

Whether it’s just taking one or two lessons or meeting on a weekly basis, private instruction with Linda will allow you to grow your practice and maximize the many healing benefits of yoga.

one hour session (up to 2 people): $65
one hour session (3-4 people): $100