We are so pleased to have you join us at A Yoga Practice! Please take note that your respectful presence allows for everyone's experience in class to be energizing and fun, yet relaxing and peaceful. This page provides some helpful information about the policies, philosophy and etiquette of the studio.


Yoga is done in bare feet, and our studio space is free from cell phones and electronics. Please leave your shoes in the designated area by the front door of the studio. Winter coats and cell phones (turned all the way off) can remain in this area as well. We suggest that you do not bring any valuables into the studio, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

The studio door opens approximately 15 minutes before the start of each class. Please plan to arrive to class 10-15 minutes early. This will help us by giving you plenty of time to sign in and inform the instructor of injuries or needs you may have before you settle on to your mat. As soon as you arrive, please sign the attendance sheet, located at the desk.

We have a limited amount of yoga mats available for you to use for class, in case you forget to bring your own. After class, please roll up the used mat and place it in the designated basket in the prop closet - we will clean the mat for you.

Yogis ages 13 and older are welcome if they can hold space for silence and stay in it. This includes making everyone feel comfortable by keeping your focus, for the most part, on your Self. Rest when you need a pause.


We do not require pre-registration for regularly-scheduled weekly classes (we love the convenience of a "drop-in" schedule), however, there is a limit to how many people can comfortably fit into the space per class. This number varies slightly, depending on class style and use of props.  The instructor will decide when the class has reached maximum capacity. Once the maximum number of people is reached, we ask that remaining students please return at a later time to take another class. 

We understand that sometimes you may run late. We certainly don't like to see you stressing out to relax! In order to maintain a peaceful class experience for everyone, we strongly discourage students entering the studio room once the class has begun. Please note that the front door of the studio may be locked once class has begun, or slightly earlier if the class has reached full capacity. If this is the case, once again we would ask that you please return at a later time to take another class.

We always invite you to enjoy your teacher's sequence fully. If you need to leave early, please try your best to do so before Savasana (final relaxation) to maintain a clear and quiet rejuvenation zone for your fellow students.

At A Yoga Practice, we have a great deal of respect for personal boundaries and the autonomy of our students. As part of the traditional yoga asana instruction, hands-on assistance may be offered during class, depending on the instructor. Whether to correct form or prevent an injury, all assists are given with great compassion, knowledge of anatomy and experience. It is important to us that students are as much involved in the adjustment process as our instructors, which is why we provide “flip-chip” coasters for our students to place next to their yoga mat. Please feel free to use a flip-chip, or simply let the instructor know before class whether or not you prefer hands-on adjustments or assists. 
Breathe, relax, and enjoy your class!


In the case of a snowstorm or bad weather, please refer to the "home" page of our website or our Facebook page for up-to-date information, usually one hour before class. As a general rule, we will be taking a look at what the Town of Groveland has decided to do regarding cancellations. If schools and town buildings are closed, the studio is most likely closed in the morning. If the roads & parking lots become clear throughout the day, evening classes may still be held as scheduled.  As for 6am classes, please use your best judgement (the instructor will be doing the same), as the website/FB page may not be updated if severe weather happens during the middle of the night.   We will do our best to cancel a 6am class the evening before, if the forecast calls for severe weather.  Also, please note that the voicemail message on the studio telephone will not be updated.

We will do our best to keep classes on as scheduled, and if there is "no news" on the website or FB page, it is usually safe to assume that class will be held. Thank you for your understanding of our snow policy - your safety, as well as the safety of our instructors, is our number one concern!