FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2019 FROM 6 - 8 PM

COST: $35

Restorative, Yin & Essential Oils

Kat and Cathy invite you to join together for a Soothing Restorative and Yin workshop from 6-8pm on Friday, March 1st.  Give yourself permission to slow down with gentle restorative poses with lots of props to hold you comfortably in your space and guide you into a deep relaxing place. Being at ease long enough to truly feel and experience the healing benefits of rest and peace of mind.  
Subtle yin postures with long holds will allow you to settle slowly below the layers of your external self by paying attention to being still and allowing yourself to access the calm, patient awareness that resides within you.  Exhale and turn off the external noise and distractions, be curious, listen, feel your breath and tune in to your deepest, most authentic self.  
You are in charge, so bring yourself to your mat and take advantage of two blissful hours of serenity, soft music, essential oils and permission to just be.  No prior yoga experience needed, just the willingness to relax in a safe and serene environment.  
Hope to see you there!